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Feelings vs Abilities

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Do you allow your feelings to dictate your abilities?

Our feelings can stand in the way of so many things. Throughout my life I’ve had to overcome how I feel in order to get things done. I’ve felt drained and had sleepless nights whilst in the process of completing university assignments. I’ve fought through complacency and procrastination in order to write my first book. I’ve had feelings of inadequacy and questioned my abilities when teaching others.

However, during this process, I’ve learnt to go beyond my feelings and TRY in order to reach my intended goal. Once this is done, I feel better about myself and my abilities. So, if your questioning yourself and you feel as though you lack what it takes, do it anyway! It’s only through our actions that we can prove our fears wrong and when we do this, how we feel about ourselves and view ourselves may start to change.

I didn’t feel as though I was smart enough to do a university degree in Psychology & Counselling but with some encouragement I started the course. Though my university course was challenging, I learnt that when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone I was able to grow. As a result, I’m more disciplined in various areas of my life, I use my time more wisely – therefore I am more productive; I am more confident within myself.

What dreams and goals are being held back by your feelings? You may lack confidence in your abilities, however it’s through TRYING and pushing yourself were you then become able to break out of your shell.

What if Steve Jobs decided he didn’t what to go back to Apple? What if Rosa parks didn’t feel like sitting on a front bus seat? What if Thomas Edison didn’t feel like trying anymore? What if Martin Luther King didn’t feel like sharing his dream? Taking action despite our feelings can be the change that revolutionizes the world. So, what’s stopping you from going beyond how you feel today?

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